It’s a pleasure to write a letter of reference about Patrick Knott.

Patrick has looked after my family and I during many visits to Australia since 2002. He has always shown professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality at all times. He is highly organised and efficient with any task that has been given no matter the difficulty.

Patrick has a unique skill set dealing with extremely busy and influential clients and understands our needs before we know what we need. His service is first class and an invaluable asset to any household/organization.

Sir Elton John CBE and Family.

Patrick Knott has been working with us for the last three years and we have found him to be a great help with many different projects. From management of the building of our house, to organizing large parties. Patrick has many skills and has been extremely helpful in keeping my business running smoothly through some very busy times. I have had Patrick work with myself, my family and even to help with my dogs. I trust Patrick like one of my family. He is very capable and if he doesn’t know how to do something he can quickly work it out. He is a very handy person to have around. Whenever I run up against a problem my standard answer is Patrick will know how to do it.

 Jimmy Barnes

Patrick has been a godsend for important parties where we wanted everything to go smoothly, or when we’ve just wanted to be able to relax and focus on our guests. He’s something of a magician, materialises whenever and wherever needed, and pays attention to all the little details. Patrick is perfect with guests: great at conversation, sensitive and he makes everyone feel welcome. Thanks to Patrick’s skills and also his wonderful personality, our special events have been so much easier and enjoyable. He has saved my roast beef gravy and my sanity!

Monika and Michael Malone

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Patrick Knott from Highlands Concierge and Property Services early in 2014 to assist with our weekender in the Southern Highlands.  Patrick’s calm and easy going demeanor belies a steely determination that effectively gets things done to the highest standard for his clients.

After our first meeting, Patrick had a few days notice to fulfill a brief in a challenging home that was to “feel as if our family had left the weekender that morning”.  There was a significant immediate difference during our next visit. Patrick immediately saw what was needed to fulfill the brief and implemented effective and efficient changes.   A short training session substantially lifted the standard of housekeeping, a household maintenance calendar was implemented making sure the home could be easy check listed, the fridge was beautifully stocked and Patrick and his team of “foodies” prepped foolproof delicious meals for the family and / or dinner guests.

As time strapped mother of two young children driving down for the weekend, it is a blessing to arrive at a home that is impeccable, a fully stocked fridge and pantry, dinner prepped and ready, stunning floral arrangements and pool toys all ready so I could have the time for a swim with the children before guests arrive for dinner or to stay for the weekend.  My husband and I were able to spend quality time with our children as well as host guests and other families with ease because of the detailed work Patrick had done prior to our weekly arrival.

Patrick also introduced us to his coterie of connections in the Highlands including masseuse, florist and personal trainer, making the weekender a true get away.  He has also been able to fulfill last minute requests and changes at short notice such as locating a ball machine for tennis hours before we arrived, having our outdoor areas spruced up ready for an unexpected early spring or late addition dinner guests for our Friday night dinners.

After a few weeks, I asked Patrick to assist with our residence in Sydney. With his usual calm demeanour Patrick spearheaded a smooth household staff transition, developing a job description and recruiting a House Manager, introducing trades for maintenance, identifying immediate areas needing attention and effectively swiftly dealing with them.  He spent two weeks to up-skill and train staff whilst we were overseas.   When we returned there was a marked difference in standards and services due to his training.

Patrick has been a wonderful asset to a time needy family.  His ability to quickly assess what is needed, attend to the various issues and his ability to smoothly and effectively communicate with both client and staff make Patrick a great asset to any home or business.  No request has ever been too small or too difficult and no matter the time constraints Patrick manages everything with great calm and dedication making sure the outcome is of the highest standard.  Staff and contractors who have worked with Patrick are consistently mentioning how pleasant he is to work with and how professional he is in terms of his demeanour.

I highly recommend Patrick and Highlands Concierge and Property Services.  Having worked closely with Patrick on two residences, covering concierge, lifestyle and property areas I have no doubt in his ability to manage whatever is needed for his clients in his usual impeccable and accomplished manner with a great end result.  I recently mentioned to Patrick, I feel he has set the bar for professionals in his field and we feel very fortunate to have found his services.

Louisa Lee-Reizes